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Reiki is a wonderful non-invasive healing power. You do not need to believe in reiki, or healing energy for that matter, to benefit from it.

The word Reiki is made from two Japanese words. “Rei,” which means “Universal Spirit,” and “ki,” which means “life force energy.”

Reiki energy is very powerful and as well as allowing a deep sense of relaxation it cleanses the body, unlocking chakras and releasing negative energy wherever it is held in the body. Some conditions and diseases can be caused by long-held deep-seated emotional conflicts. Therefore, with the help of powerful reiki energy, these can be released allowing the body to return to a more balanced state. Reiki can be performed on animals, plants as well as humans and is perfectly safe.

Here are just a small sample of things reiki can help with:

Anxiety and panic attacks
Improve self esteem and confidence
Depression and depressive tendencies
Improve relaxation
Sleep disorders
Pain management
IBS & Crohn’s Disease and other stomach complaints
Emotional issues
Lessen side effects of chemotherapy
Improve psychic and intuition

Price – £45 for 1 hour

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